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The story of two chickens

Danijel Bićanić


The story of two chicken
The story of two chicken

A long time ago there were two chickens.

One chicken was living in a henhouse. It was a beautiful henhouse - spacious and clean. The chicken was well fed. One could say, it was a fat chicken. Her feathers were soft and gorgeous and her crest was shiny red. A true high class lady this chicken!

The fat chicken never had to think about were the food in here bowl came. Somebody just put the food in that bowl every day.

The fat chicken had an easy life with no worries what so ever - and she really enjoyed it!

The other chicken was living in the wild - in the nearby forrest - with no help what so ever. One could easily see that. It was the most skinny chicken one could ever imagine.

She had only two broken feathers sticking out from the place where usually there should have been a pulpy behind - two out of seven on her whole body. Her beak was broken on the top and her crest was hanging carelessly over her right eye giving her the pirate looks.

Life was not kind on the skinny chicken and for her every day was a battle…

One day a fox broke in in to the henhouse. The fat chicken tried to escape, but - unfortunately - she got stuck between the wire and the henhouse. There was no rescue for her. And for the fox - an experienced hunter - it was an easy meal.

Leaving the henhouse the fox noticed the skinny chicken in the field near the forrest and went after her thinking: “A skinny desert, but still a desert”.

But, in that moment, the skinny chicken hit the fox on the nose with here broken beak and disappeared in the forrest in a blink of an eye.

The fox, surprised by the feisty reaction, thought to her self: “There is no chicken like a fat chicken”.

The fox licked her nose, pulled her whiskers back in to a big smile and went on her way - looking for some new fat chicken.


A fun fable or a sales metaphor?