Berislav Pećanić

Keune Adriatic d.o.o., director and owner

One of our strategic decisions for 2015 and 2016 was changing the sales approach of our employees from transactional to consultative. We have completely succeeded in our mission thanks to Bićanić Consulting which proved to be the correct choice for this demanding educational program.

Roman Cvek

Rona Trade d.o.o., director

After the completion of Bićanić Consultings sales trainings, Rona has increased sales of targeted services up to 30% ...

Zoran Hajster

Hajster Servis d.o.o., Owner

In January 2012, we hired Bićanić Consulting as an external consultant in the field of sales business, business organization, marketing, etc. It has been exactly one year since our cooperation and I am pleased to be able to say that all advice given by Mr Bićanić has found a fruitful ground and borne results. Increased post-sales quality has brought additional business to the company. Web strategy and other marketing activities have added to the image of Hajster Servis on the targeted market in Zagreb. Organizational changes have resulted in higher performance. I finally have time to visit and find big buyers. Danijel Bićanić has remained in contact with us and has been following us in our further development. In any case, our cooperation has been a real score and I recommend services of Bićanić Consulting with certainty and pleasure to all small entrepreneurs who are ready to make a set forward in their business.

Nikola Košir

Motoreni, owner

In 16 years, company Motoreni has grown to be the leading retail dealer in Husquarna networks in Croatia. It was a difficult and uncertain path full of obstacles, which we have successfully overcome.

We are very proud of our results, which makes us even more hungry” for more success. However, at a certain moment in development of a small business, such as Motoreni, there comes a time the owner and director need assistance. Assistance in the field of business organization, work force management, marketing, retail, wholesale and everything that represents a prerequisite for successful work. Therefore, we are grateful to our principal, company Drezga d.o.o., to have connected us with Danijel Bićanić. Mr Bićanić has proven to be very competent and professional consultant, bringing required changes and freshness to our business. Our cooperation with Bićanić Consulting has ended, but we have built firm foundations for further growth and development – and that was our main goal!

Zvonko Čubrić

Ram 3, Managing Director

Company Ram 3, according to its business philosophy and vision, has systematically worked on improving its relations with existing buyers and quality of our sales activities. With that in mind, we hired Bićanić Consulting late in 2011. Our project goal was clear: to increase our sales and extend it to our entire product range. As we have entered 2013, effects of the entire project are still present; therefore we can confirm that our cooperation with Bićanić Consulting has been a complete success. For illustration, our standard routineers have transformed into top creators. Within our product range, we have extended the sales with 30% more items and thus increased perception of brands that have found their place on shelves of our buyers. You must agree, in a company with over 4500 different items in stock, 30% wider product range to be brought to daylight is really an impressive result. Of course, increased sales resulted directly from newly acquired instruments used in sales processes. With all that, believe me, it is a pleasure to observe people realizing they have a talent for selling... All they needed was to be made to realize it and that is what Bićanić Consulting has fully accomplished!