Corporate Social Responsibility

You must have heard about the business collaboration that brings benefits to both sides, which is also called a "win-win situation". Bićanić Consulting has gone a step further and developed “Win-Win-Win” concept of social responsibility.

The concept is simple.

While collaborating with business partners and clients in providing efficient sales training, I would also like to help charity organizations and associations, as an important and active part of our society.

Therefore, Bićanić Consulting would like to help Croatian association for mobility and education of guide dogs. 

It is our pleasure and privilege to provide significant discount on our services and sales trainings to each client who decides to financially back this excellent organization, which strives to help both people and animals.

Thank you in advance! 

Croatian association for mobility and education of guide dogs
Trg bana J.Jelačića 3
10000 Zagreb
Tel/fax: 01/ 4816155