What is consultative selling?

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What is consultative selling?

Consultative selling is a sales method where the salesperson places the main strategic and tactical focus on building trust in relationship with a buyer/client.

The salesperson will become a partner and assistant to the client in bringing a potential purchasing decision (now or in future). This is done based on a detailed analysis of the current situation and needs of the client, applying sales diagnostics (skillful asking of carefully developed sales questions).

Based on received information, the salesperson will advise the client on the best option for the client him/herself. During the course, the salesperson makes a fully individualized sales pitch and presentation.

Finally, consultative selling serves to help the client bring the best possible decision based on actual advantages and benefits from the salesman's offer.

Consultative selling is an adequate and very efficient sales method in:

- sales of services and products of higher price value

- sales with an emphasis on unique added value of the offer

- sales processes characteristic of their long-term duration