Online sales training

One of the most common questions our clients have is: "What do we do after the training?".

Indeed, this is a very reasonable fear - the fear that the impact of sales training will havea short duration and.

Relevant research shows that only a small part of the sales knowledge acquired in training becomes a integral part of the participants skills set.

Bićanić Consulting therefore provides the possibility of "Online - follow up training."

Through specially designed e-learning educational software the sales trainer:

  • remains in touch with all the participants of the training
  • motivates the participants to further personal development
  • checks what have the participants applied and with what results
  • feeds training material in small, fun and practical steps and tasks
  • uses a principle of "gamification" to encourage participants to take part
  • encourages participants to a mutual exchange of opinions and experiences
  • monitors the results of the application of knowledge and provides a report to the client
  • ramatically improves the final effect of education

We recommend 2 to 3 months of 'follow-up' training because it is a period normally required to make knowledge and skills a permanent part of the sales performance of your employees.