Sales Coaching

"Where sales training ends, sales coaching begins!"

This sentence is the best illustration of what sales coaching is. Sales coaching is a method for individual development of sales employees that includes a very intensive, deep communication between a sales coach and a coaching participant, based on mutual trust.

The task of a sales coach is to skillfully ask questions, impelling the coaching participant to think, consider and self-reflect, as well as to autonomously design possible and adequate solutions with regards to his/her sales development.

Sales coaching will enable a sales employee to independently remove obstacles on the way to full utilization of his/her individual, sales potentials at his/her disposal.

If we make a deeper analysis into the sales coaching definition, we can say that this is a development concept, where a sales coach gives support to a sales employee to autonomously find answers to important questions, which he/she cannot find through classic sales trainings. The subject of sales coaching may be, e.g. a change in perceiving his or hers own sales work, strengthening a proactive approach in sales, removing negative premises and paradigms from sales thinking, strengthening the sales assertiveness...

Sales coaching follows after a trilateral dialogue between the coaching client/responsible person, coaching participant and the sales coach, where key areas and expectations of key participants are defined and which will be in focus of the coaching process.

The coaching process usually lasts from 4 to 8 months with one coaching session a month.