Sales Accelerator

In the current market environment, with a diminishing distinction between the offer and strategy of different competitors, the sales approach of your employee is the very thing to make a growing positive and distinguishing meaning.

Sales Accelerator” (concept authors: Barbara Ružić and Danijel Bićanić) represents a unique and integral development concept, recognizing that the centre of each and every sales success is – a person/your sales employee.

Therefore, this unique approach to training of sales staff contains a range of carefully detailed steps and includes the best and tested development tools from the portfolio of Bićanić Consulting and Artis Rei.

Sales Accelerator” is a concept consisting of phases and modules and adjustable contents, duration and intensity, according to the needs of each individual client.

Phases of Sales Accelerator” are:

1. Evaluation of the current situation:

A detailed analysis of the whole sales approach of each employee is carried out in this phase, through:

- "Sales Approach Analysis" of each employee

- "Sales EQ Testing" of each employee

- "Sales 360" for each employee

All listed tools allow us to make detailed reports on all elements of the employee's sales approach. The reports are the basis for providing an adequate development feedback. Furthermore, they are an excellent basis for further individual activities of the client and forming of development activities for the sales employees.

2. Development activities:

Based on results from evaluation of the current situation and in coordination with the client, a development plan is made, collectively for all employees and separately for each employee. A development plan is usually a combination of In-house sales trainings, 1 on 1 field sales training and sales coaching.

Sales trainings are focused on acquiring required sales knowledge and skills.

Sales coaching is directed at personal development of sales employees and removal of possible mental and other obstacles on the way to full utilization of all individual sales potentials.

3. Subsequent monitoring of employee's development

In this phase, "Sales Accelerator" assumes the use of so called Development Maps, separately for each sales employee. Development Maps represent a detailed plan of an employees development and serve as an actual support in a period after the sales training and coaching.